Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back!

So I'm back.... I've definitely taken a long break, longer than planned.  I have a good reason though...really.  Just before Christmas my boyfriend decided to finally pop the question, and I replied "are you sure?".  Then of course, I said "yes". 

Since then I have been busy getting wedding plans arranged.  We are pretty much booked for September 2011.  Still some confirming to do.

I've created the invitations, got the dress and now I have to start thinking about my jewellery and hair accessory - so back to the grind.  I have to admit, I've missed getting attacked by beads, feathers and wire all at once.  Honestly, you should see my studio, it is crazy insane.  And I'm not talking about a big room, only about 10 x 12, so it's that much more overwhelming.  There are half completed projects all over the place.  I need to focus....focus!!!  I'm feeling over my head just thinking about it, but that's half the fun...daydreaming about what I could be doing instead of being at work...:)

I need to post some new photos soon, hopefully this weekend when I get into my jewellery room and clean it up!

Until next time,


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