Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More on doggy bling

I was at a dog show at the fairgrounds on Sunday, and wow these dogs are blinged up.  Made my dirty-bummed, shedding, dry-skinned chi look like a street dog.  One lady even looked at Nacho with a pathetic face and said in a whisper to her friend "look, at that poor dog...he's even missing teeth".  They both stared with pity.... as if Nacho is so hard up.  Sam just looked cute as ever...but he too got the sympathy looks as if to say "awww, that poor dog, not even a pure bred.."  lol.  

All I have to say to those people is that my dogs have the best life ever... they don't have to be groomed and stand on a table for hours at a time.  They don't have to stay in the van in a cage while you are showing your other prized dogs.  They can be dogs!  And damnit, they are the cutest ever.

Anyways, back to the intent of this posting... there was a lady at the show making leashes and collars with mad jewels & beads.  She actually made the entire leather part on the leashes with this intricate braiding technique.  The price --- some over $90 each!  Craziness.

I am going to research her braiding technique and try to work it into my creations, whether it be for dogs or humans.  I'm sure it will take a lot of practice.

On another note, I made some peacock feather earrings and a hair clip that I wore to a wedding on Saturday.  I received quite a few comments!  I learned that the hair clip was called a "fascinator" in Scotland.  Cool!  The feather's came straight from a peacock at a farm in Kitchener.  I must try to get some more soon.

Have a good day!

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