Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pet bling

So... I have this theory...if 1/4 of the dog and cat owners love their pets the way I do and love to spoil them and dress them up my plan should work.

I had the revelation when I was at Port Dover with my sister, mom and nephews on the weekend.  While people watching, I spotted these 2 adorable chihuahuas hanging out with their "mom" and "dad".  They arrived in style in a pink polka dot basket.  They tested the water in their little pink Burberry style life jackets.  They soon sported their screen printed t-shirts after being hand dried with their special towels.  I thought to myself  "wow those are some spoiled dogs".  I know my dogs are spoiled but c'mon a pink picnic basket? 

Then it came to me..... pet jewellery!!!  I know this is not a new idea but the baubles made for dogs and cats these days are indeed expensive.  I should have given the owners of the spoiled dogs my card and told them I would make some custom bling for their pooches (at a reasonable price).

Oh well, off to the drawing (or beading) board to see what I can come up with.

Wish me luck!

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